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Check Lists

3 Months Old


  • Turns their head toward bright colors and lights

  • Moves both eyes in the same direction together

  • Recognizes bottle or breast

  • Responds to loud sounds

  • Moves arms symmetrically

  • Brings arms to midline while in supine

  • Makes cooing sounds

  • Wiggles and kicks their arms and legs

  • Lifts their head when on their stomach

  • Becomes quiet in response to sound, especially speech

  • Smiles


6 Months Old


  • Follows moving objects with their eyes

  • Turns toward the source of normal sound

  • Reaches for objects and picks them up

  • Switches toys from one hand to the other

  • Brings hand to mouth with toy or object

  • Sits with minimum support

  • Rakes a raisin

  • Plays with their toys

  • Helps hold their bottle during feeding

  • Recognizes familiar faces

  • Imitates speech sounds

  • Uses more complex babbling

  • Responds to their name

  • Responds to soft sounds, especially speech

  • Rolls over

9 Months


  • Bangs two cubes held in hands

  • Utilizes thumb-finger grasp

  • Holds their own bottle

  • Understands "no" and common objects (e.g., bottle)

  • Uses gestures to communicate

  • Feeds themselves a cracker

12 Months (1 Year)


  • Gets into a sitting position

  • Pulls to a standing position

  • Stands briefly without support

  • Drinks from a cup

  • Crawls on hands and knees

  • Removes pegs from a pegboard

  • Finger feeds themselves

  • Holds a spoon

  • Imitates adults using a cup or telephone

  • Plays Peek-a-Boo or Pat-a-Cake

  • Waves bye-bye

  • Puts objects in a container

  • Says at least one word

  • Makes "ma-ma" or "da-da" sounds


18 Months


  • Likes to push and pull objects

  • Says at least 6 words

  • Follows simple directions

  • Pulls off shoes, socks and mittens

  • Points to a picture that you name in a book

  • Feeds themselves

  • Makes marks on paper with crayons

  • Walks without help

  • Walks backwards

  • Has an expressive vocabulary of 5 to 20 words

  • Points, makes sounds or tries to use words to ask for things

  • Says "no", shakes their head or pushes things away they don't want

24 Months (2 Years)


  • Uses two to three word sentences

  • Says about 50 words

  • Recognizes familiar pictures

  • Kicks a ball forward

  • Feeds themselves with a spoon

  • Demands a lot of your attention

  • Follows 2-step directions

  • Turns two or three pages together

  • Speech is 50% to 75% intelligible

  • Likes to imitate their parent/caregiver

  • Identifies hair, eyes, ears and nose by pointing

  • Builds a tower of four blocks

  • Shows affection

  • Brushes teeth with help

  • Washes and dries hands

  • Uses 2 to 4 word phrases

  • Uses pronouns:  I, you and me correctly.

  • Pulls their pants up and down with assistance

  • Unbuttons large buttons

  • Holds a crayon with their thumb and fingers


36 Months (3 Years)


  • Builds a 8 cube tower

  • Folds a paper in half

  • Imitates three block bridge using cubes

  • Holds a small cup in one hand

  • Puts on their shirt

  • Holds a spoon in fingers - palm up

  • Understands and stays away from common dangers (i.e., stairs, glass, strange animals, etc.)

  • Throws a ball overhand

  • Follows 2 to 3 step directions

  • Knows names of familiar animals

  • Knows one or more color

  • Produces 4 to 5 word sentences

  • Builds a 9 cube tower

  • Snips on line using scissors with supervision

  • Imitates a cross (with demonstration)

  • Washes and dries hands without assistance

  • Undresses with assistance

  • Dresses with assistance

  • Buttons large buttons

  • Pulls shoes off completely

  • Matches like objects

  • Rides a tricycle

  • Puts on their shoes

  • Opens the door

  • Turns one page at a time

  • Plays with other children for a few minutes

  • Repeats common rhymes

  • Uses three to five word sentences

  • Names at least one color correctly


4 Years Old


  • Understands short stories and can answer simple questions about them

  • Follows 3-step commands

  • Speech is intelligible to most strangers

  • Uses more descriptive words

  • States function of common objects

  • Produces 4 to 6 word sentences

  • Relates experiences at preschool or school


5 Years Old


  • Follows instructions in a group setting

  • Uses past and future tense appropriately

  • Produces 5 to 7 word sentences

  • Uses more detail in sentences

  • Retells a story

  • Names days of the week

  • Asks "How?" questions

  • Drinks using soft drink bottle or cant

  • Removes a "pull-over" garment

  • Recites telephone number

  • Can name a circle and square when pointed to

  • Dresses and undresses without assistance


6 Years Old


  • Understands most concepts of time (e.g., before, after)

  • Understands left and right

  • Is competent with simple reading and writing

  • Ties shoe laces into a bow knot

  • Washes their own hair

  • Can fasten and unfasten fasteners

  • Can skip, alternating feet

  • Prints first name

Child Development Checklist
Age 3 months - 6 years old